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Support for Lawyers provides private and confidential online counselling by experienced psychologists and counsellors who understand wellbeing and lawyer mental health issues

Legal professionals connect discreetly online with Psychologists and Mental Health Counsellors

Book a confidential, private and online session here at Support For Lawyers and start to find peace, balance and a rejuvenated outlook on your legal career and health and wellbeing.

Are you suffering lawyer burnout or dealing with stress at work? Are you thinking of leaving law? Are you terrified your manager or partners at your law firm might judge you if you seek mental health counselling or career counselling? Perhaps you want to talk to someone about your lawyer work / life balance.

Lawyer mental health

According to research, lawyers are more prone to mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety disorder, sleeplessness, panic disorder, and even possibly PTSD. Are you suffering one of these?

Lawyer substance use

A lawyers drinking might start off as harmless but can spiral out of control. Lawyers turn to drugs and alcohol to try to cope. Over time, this can become an addiction that is quite often hard to kick on its own.

Lawyer burnout

Lawyer burnout is a state of mental, physical, and emotional tiredness caused by chronic and excessive working stress. Billable hours and client expectations are arguably the most important factors. 

Find Your Equilibrium

What is Support for Lawyers?

Totally online and confidential counselling service

Support For Lawyers is a confidential counselling service delivered online discreetly by trusted and experienced psychologists, counsellors and mental health professionals who understand lawyers and the unique issues associated with working in the legal profession.

How much does it cost?


Here’s how Support for Lawyers can assist you

All providers at Support for Lawyers are highly experienced and dedicated to helping you

They all are highly trained and skilled and understand the issues that lawyers go through. Support For Lawyers understands the stressors involved in working in a law firm, and honestly we know there are huge problems:

  • Billing
  • Fee generation
  • Being asked to do things that give you ethical pause
  • Long working hours
  • Complaints
  • Client relationships
  • Work life balance
  • Peer relationships
  • Issues with management
  • Imposter syndrome   
  • Burnout
  • Fatigue
  • Loss of motivation
  • Values clashes
  • You feel only as good as your last success
  • Fear that seeking support may affect your career

We've helped legal professionals just like you

Confidential online counselling sessions for lawyers

Support For Lawyers is truly confidential. You will be anonymous to every aspect of the service except your relationship with your solution provider.

How do we assure confidentiality?

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  • All personal and booking information is de-identified
  • Bookings are automated and your information is not seen or discoverable by Support for Lawyers, only by your counsellor
  • Your sessions are virtual, so you are not seen attending a location

How do we assure quality and expertise of solution providers?

Dr Tina Sinclair
  • Support For Lawyers engages solution providers with no less than twenty years professional experience
  • Our psychologists and counsellors have a minimum of a tertiary degree, and most often a Masters degree or higher
  • The solution providers you will work with through Support For Lawyers are, above all, excellent in every aspect of their work
  • They are members in good standing of their required professional organisation
  • They have successful working relationships with lawyers, in various capacities
  • Support For Lawyers is different from EAP support through your firm or Law Society because your law firm or the Law Society will not know of your sessions

How is Support for Lawyers risk-free?

  • Your manager will not be aware you have accessed Support for Lawyers
  • Your firm or organisation will not be aware you have accessed Support for Lawyers
  • Your Law Society and Complaints Authority will not be aware you have accessed Support for Lawyers
  • You are in control of when you start and stop

Case study - "Rebecca"


“Five years ago, I left my position as a senior associate in a city law firm. I had got to such a crisis that I planned to leave law. I was crushed by the hours, the billing expectations, and the responsibilities both to clients and within the firm. The lawyer I replaced had identified some of the same issues, especially around billing practices (that were ethically dubious.) I assumed that my conversations with the partners ensured that I would not have to grapple with the same issues, but despite assurances, nothing within the firm changed.

Leaving law wasn’t the most logical option, but I was so focused on escape that I wasn’t able to think clearly. I knew I needed some kind of coaching or guidance. The firm did have an EAP, but I knew a colleague had accessed the program, not directly from her, but from gossip around the office, so it was never an option. The sad thing about that colleague was that she left, and all the internal talk was kind of pitying, and critical of her that she couldn’t handle the job.
I was lucky enough to find another role in law that is a good fit, but that search took a while. I feel sure that if I’d known a counsellor or coach who understood the culture of law firms, and who was accessible, my return to work would have been faster and made with more confidence.”

Anonymous Female. Mid-career

Head of Counselling

Dr Tina Sinclair

Dr Tina Sinclair

Consulting Psychologist

Dr Tina Sinclair is a consulting psychologist who works with individuals, couples and in dispute resolution. She has worked extensively with lawyers for many years in different settings.

As the Head of Counselling at Support for Lawyers, she sets the standard for the expertise and experience of the professionals who will support you.  Read more about Dr Tina Sinclair.


We've helped legal professionals just like you