Support For Lawyers

Support for Lawyers connects lawyers and legal staff with psychologists and counsellors, to look after their wellbeing and mental health.

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This discreet online service is provided by counsellors who understand lawyers and law firms, how they work, and the demands of daily legal life. They have worked with lawyers and the legal system, and understand the challenges.

We're all about prevention.

Although Support for Lawyers can help in a crisis, our aim is prevention. We know regular check-ins with our mental health professionals can help avoid difficulties becoming crises, and build capability and resilience.

We know that workload, billing pressures, the demands for perfection, and other stressors are often part of the job. Research shows that lawyers are more prone than the average, to mental health issues like depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, panic attacks and even PTSD. 

Legal work can be like other front-line work.

There is often a need for fast responses, working with people who are themselves in crisis, needing to have the answers, carrying great responsibility, and doing the work in full view of clients, colleagues and the legal system, which leads to fears about judgement, success and failure. 

The pressures of legal practice can lead to burn-out, resignations, relationship stress or unhealthy coping activities like alcohol or substance use. Support for Lawyers can help prevent these issues, as well as deal with them when they arise. 

Confidential online counselling sessions for lawyers

Support for lawyers provides the option for ongoing support, by a variety of resources, from tips and information to burn-out retreats.

For Individuals

For individuals who want to connect with a counsellor, without anyone else knowing about it, and at flexible times, online, go to the booking and information page for individuals. 

For Organisations

For firms who are committed to employee wellbeing, knowing it is a contributor to a healthy, productive and engaged workforce, find out information about our regular debriefing check-in packages. 

We've helped firms and individuals just like you. We understand the unique problems and we're here to support you.